GREENLINE - 54 - Liverpool - Crosby - Thornton

54 - Liverpool - Crosby - Thornton

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Monday to Friday

Liverpool - Crosby - Thornton
Service No:545454545454
Pier Head Mann Island------------------------ Then at these
mins past
each hour
Liverpool, Castle Street07:1707:4708:2208:5709:2909:59
Liverpool, Sir Thomas St.07:2107:5108:2609:0109:3310:03
Stanley Road, Commercial Road07:3208:0208:3709:1209:4410:14
Stanley Rd Knowsley Rd07:4208:1208:4709:2209:5410:24
Crosby Road North 5 Lamps07:5008:2008:5509:3010:0210:32
Crosby, Islington08:0008:3009:0509:4010:1210:42
Chesterfield Rd/ Brownmoor Ln08:0808:3809:1209:4710:1910:49
Thornton Runnells Ln08:2008:5009:2009:5510:2510:55
Liverpool - Crosby - Thornton
Service No:545454545454
Pier Head Mann Island3101until13:3114:0114:3115:01
Liverpool, Castle Street------------------------
Liverpool, Sir Thomas St.360613:3614:0614:3715:07
Stanley Road, Commercial Road471713:4714:1714:5015:20
Stanley Rd Knowsley Rd572713:5714:2715:0115:31
Crosby Road North 5 Lamps043414:0414:3415:0915:39
Crosby, Islington144414:1414:4415:2015:50
Chesterfield Rd/ Brownmoor Ln215114:2114:5115:2815:58
Thornton Runnells Ln275714:2714:5715:3816:08
Liverpool - Crosby - Thornton
Service No:54545454545454
Liverpool, Castle Street15:2916:0716:3917:0917:3918:1918:49
Liverpool, Sir Thomas St.15:3316:1116:4317:1317:4318:2318:53
Stanley Road, Commercial Road15:4616:2416:5617:2617:5418:3419:04
Stanley Rd Knowsley Rd15:5716:3517:0717:3718:0418:4419:14
Crosby Road North 5 Lamps16:0516:4317:1517:4518:1118:5119:21
Crosby, Islington16:1616:5417:2617:5618:2119:0119:31
Chesterfield Rd/ Brownmoor Ln16:2417:0217:3418:0418:2819:0819:38
Thornton Runnells Ln16:3417:1217:4418:1418:3419:1419:44


Liverpool - Crosby - Thornton
Service No:5454545454
Pier Head Mann Island10:0110:31 Then at these
mins past
each hour
Liverpool, Sir Thomas St.10:0610:36063618:06
Stanley Road, Commercial Road10:1710:47174718:17
Stanley Rd Knowsley Rd10:2710:57275718:27
Crosby Road North 5 Lamps10:3411:04340418:34
Crosby, Islington10:4411:14441418:44
Chesterfield Rd/ Brownmoor Ln10:5111:21512118:51
Thornton Runnells Ln10:5711:27572718:57
Liverpool - Crosby - Thornton
Service No:54
Pier Head Mann Island18:31
Liverpool, Sir Thomas St.18:36
Stanley Road, Commercial Road18:47
Stanley Rd Knowsley Rd18:57
Crosby Road North 5 Lamps19:04
Crosby, Islington19:14
Chesterfield Rd/ Brownmoor Ln19:21
Thornton Runnells Ln19:27

Sunday and Bank Holidays

Liverpool - Crosby - Thornton
Service No:5454545454
Pier Head Mann Island10:3111:0111:31 Then at these
mins past
each hour
Liverpool, Sir Thomas St.10:3611:0611:360636
Stanley Road, Commercial Road10:4611:1611:461646
Stanley Rd Knowsley Rd10:5511:2511:552555
Crosby Road North 5 Lamps11:0211:3212:023202
Crosby, Islington11:1011:4012:104010
Chesterfield Rd/ Brownmoor Ln11:1711:4712:174717
Thornton Runnells Ln11:2311:5312:235323
Liverpool - Crosby - Thornton
Service No:5454
Pier Head Mann Island17:0117:31
Liverpool, Sir Thomas St.17:0617:36
Stanley Road, Commercial Road17:1617:46
Stanley Rd Knowsley Rd17:2517:55
Crosby Road North 5 Lamps17:3218:02
Crosby, Islington17:4018:10
Chesterfield Rd/ Brownmoor Ln17:4718:17
Thornton Runnells Ln17:5318:23




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