GREENLINE - Free Wi-Fi on the 101!

Free Wi-Fi on the 101!

Free Wi-Fi on the 101!

Wi-fi 120 x 106The buses which are normally used on the 101 (those branded to promote the service) are fitted with Wi-Fi capability.

This means you can connect to the internet from the comfort of your seat as the 101 whisks you from Maidstone to Medway, and there's no charge for using the connection!

Whether using a laptop or smart phone, you can surf the net, do some internet shopping, chat with your friends or deal with your emails.

There is a small questionnaire to complete the first time you connect but after that you will be able to get online as soon as you're on board the bus.

The brand-new buses on the 'X-Bus 116' service between Chatham, the universities, Gillingham, Rainham and Hempstead Valley also have Wi-Fi connections.