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The town of Luton was founded in the sixth century but evidence of much older settlements going back as far as 8,000BC, has been found in the area. The name comes from Lea-town, the Lea being the river in whose valley Luton is built. A short-lived motte and bailey castle existed in Norman times and for many years more recently the Castle Street site was home to Green Line coaches and Arriva buses in Luton.

Luton’s traditional industry has been hat-making since the seventeenth century and this continues today, although on a much smaller scale. Two names long synonymous with Luton are Vauxhall and Electrolux The car giant opened what was at the time the UK’s largest car plant in 1905 and although cars are no longer built in Luton, the town remains Vauxhall’s UK head office. Electrolux, manufacturer of domestic appliances arrived in 1920, taking over premises previously used for aircraft production in World War I.

Today the town is home to almost a quarter of a million people and at just 30 miles from London is a popular commuter base. Luton Airport opened in 1938 and now has flights to and from points right across Europe. Green Line coaches provide a direct link, 24/7, between the airport and central Luton.

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