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Hemel Hempstead has its roots as an ancient market town in the Gade Valley in Hertfordshire. There are references to it in the Domesday Book. For centuries it was primarily an agricultural town, but the coming of the canal network and then railways put it firmly on the map for industrial development.

Modern-day expansion began in 1947 when Hemel Hempstead was designated one of several ‘New Towns’ around London. To begin with the town’s population growth came from areas of London where housing had been bombed beyond repair during World War II, but it is now well established as one of the biggest towns in the county with its own multi-generational families proud to live and work there.

More recent development means that the town now has vibrant and thriving retail, commercial and leisure facilities and with Green Line coaches from residential areas of the town straight into London it is a popular choice for city commuters.

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